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Remote Support Use to quickly establish remote support sessions with coworkers
Remote Access Install a persistent client to allow access to a system anytime from anywhere
Remote Meeting Share your screen with an unlimited number of participants from anywhere

UNISON – Occurring together or simultaneously
On LinecarePlease click on the below picture to gain access to the remote support web browser





TimeIPS is a complete network-based digital time-clock system that automates time, attendance, job tracking, benefits and payroll functions.

TimeIPS systems are patented, fully integrated, scalable, versatile, self-contained clocks and server appliances.

TimeIPS is an electronic time tracking system that saves money by simplifying employee time tracking and streamlining payroll preparation.

QJOI WebSite

QJOI is the knowledge portal for all things related to quality at Job Options Inc, and yes, you can make a point that there’s nothing in our work environment that’s not somehow touched by our quality philosophy.

Quality Management Programs:

ISOXpress ISO 9001:2008 Software Document Control and ISO System Management Software

ISOXpress is a database application for operating a paperless ISO 9001 quality management system (QMS). With ISOXpress you will save significant amount of time managing the system, while improving its overall efficiency and compliance. No more manual forms and logs, updating of documents/records binders, or Excel spreadsheets. The software will consolidate your whole ISO 9001 QMS into a single icon on your computer desktop.

JOI Webby Files

JOI WebbyFiles is a Web Based File Sharing System that allows NAVFAC groups of users to easily share and manage a central repository of files and folders by using any standard web browser.



(File Electronic Employee Data)

The FEED (File Electronic Employee Data) is a web-based application which provides accessibility to manage your employee’s personal information using digital files and folders.

  • This application allows HR department, Project Managers, Division Managers and other approved personnel to remotely access and manage electronic files and directories.
  • Please contact HR Manager at the Corporate office if you would like more information on what sites are going to become active on the FEED system.